Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scenes from the weekend

Clockwise spiral from upper left (double click for larger view)
1) birdhouse #1 ready for occupants
2) squirrel feeder
3) found seashell
4) Edgar enjoying the sunny day
5) windchimes making music
6) fence art
7) a million and one uses for cotton string
8) more chimes
9) Jackie enjoying the sunny day
10) new doorknobs
11) birdhouse #2 ready for occupants
12) Marlow taking a rare catnap
13) duckie snowglobe
14) Gracyn enjoying the sunny day


  1. I loved the things you wrote about on your tablescapes... wooden boxes are one my favorite things. I am just lately finding a new love for shells... leather books... wonderful. I need to see one of your tables asap

  2. I think that corn cob squirrel feeder is a pretty nifty idea.

  3. Hey Dex. Forgot about the mime thingy. Next post, I promise.

  4. I think the love for the brinson space is the bones of the house, not the styling or the furniture. I love it!!! I like the dining room the best. Plus , we have not had anything good coming from the magazines in such a long time... I was not at all happy with my cover! My living room is just too hard to do, it's sunken with a dining room and a mural on the other side of a railing... it always looks to busy. But in life it is

  5. Your dog is so sweet. Is it part labrador?

  6. the 3 dogs and the cat in this photo collage were all previously homeless animals, just found wandering. They ended up staying. The dark brown one, to whom I think you're referring has a lot of rottweiler markings, but the color of the fur is a dead-ringer for chocolate lab, so yes, a definite maybe!

  7. I just put out a bird feeder. I'm so afraid the cats in the neighborhood might get the birds while they're eating. You asked about the rug bench. I've never tried that, but I have heard of it. I would surely do it if I ever found one I couldn't pass up.
    Thanks for the idea!


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