Friday, March 12, 2010


I have been inspired by the pretty garlands and banners I see in a variety of decorative blogs. So last Christmas, I made an attempt at a starfish garland for one of the trees and was supremely happy with the results. The following project is a variation of the starfish garland theme, but features paper hearts. This soft curtain ( adorned with the sweet garland provides a lovely drape behind the bed.

So, my next mission is to create another garland to adorn the large mirror in the dining room. The heart garland is not the answer for this room. But I am inspired by an old beaded necklace of mine whose clasp broke a few years ago. I was unable to repair it but unable to part with the pretty beads. And now, thankfully, I believe that the lovely beads will return to life. My targeted idea (described below) is in part, inspired by decorative trims pictured at

The results will be far far less elegant than those pictured, but (hopefully) will give my room the touch of homemade elegance that I seek. Work to commence after a quick visit to Home Depot for a roll of rough jute or twine.

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  1. I got your note and wanted to say that the s.s. peices I showed ,are not in the spot light either. I just have found that there are some things that continue to work. Things that I don't tire of. I am so tired of my leather peices in my family room, but cost prevents me from changing them at this time, but the little pieces that are easily changed , and yet kept, are the real clues to our s.s. I do hope you do a post, I would love to see yours. Thanks for visiting.


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