Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scenes from the weekend

The final Round Top project completed - assembling the swag chandelier from the antique lanterns. We are considering whether the lanterns need candles. Not sure yet. I added some sweetness to some jars by adorning them with a simple bow and a charm from my childhood charm bracelet, and enjoyed a beautiful rose in a jar converted to a basket with a wire loop. Weekend simplicity.


  1. I hit your name under your comment on my blog and it took me here, and what a treat to find all this cool stuff you been hiding! You are so creative! don't know if you saw my blog last Sun, or Mon (can't remember which day) where I showed some of the jewelry I made on Sat. I also have done a lot of quilted pursed, several in batiks with a beaded front pocket. I love making things. Love those jars.

  2. These look lovely :D I tried to email but cannot find an address for you. However, thanks for taking the time to explain..I can understand that one ;-)


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