Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My beloved Edgar

An amazing drawing by Houston artist, David A. Parks. And an early valentine from my very own valentine. This drawing beautifully captures the essence of my sweet, timid big guy and I so love it! There is a miniature print on my desk at work too. website for David Parks


  1. I am beyond pleased that you like the drawing of Edgar. His sad soulful eyes give him such great character it was a joy to draw him.


  2. This is a gorgeous pic, well done David. I love it :D What a cutie

  3. Love this!!!!! My kind of valentine present, well that and a big box of choc... thanks for your kind words, I am much better now. I get like this about once a

  4. Oh, that's beautiful! He looks like a sweetheart!

    The drawings and paintings I have of my beloved hounds are among my most treasured possessions, too.


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