Thursday, July 22, 2010

Texture, color, rhythm

As a non-professional novice of home decorating, I'm learning through experience.  Unfortunately.
On the upside, this room has a fairly consistent scheme of colors with which we are very happy and our individual pieces blend well together.

On the downside, I made a purchase last weekend that poses some new challenges.  I have not yet ever owned an item of leather-upholstered furniture this large.  The density of the upholstery and the fact that it is a solid dark color makes the piece seem heavier than it is.  So I lightened it up with a pretty Dash and Albert rug and am happy with this casual look. 

The second challenge is keeping the rug in place over the slippery leather.  I will be headed to Target soon to purchase a non-slip rug pad to place between the couch and rug.  And hopefully that will work.


  1. Well, as I shared in my comment above, I think your home is beautiful. You've got great taste, so your decorating talent comes natural.

    I'm a huge person on texture, so I think this looks gorgeous. Love the carpet too!

    Way to GO, Diane!


  2. Thank you so much Ron. Decorating this home is a true labor of love and I wish I could say that I do have some natural talent, but I freely admit that the decisions come slowly and only after much deliberate consideration. And after reading hundreds of design blogs. That helps too.


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