Sunday, September 12, 2010

Design notebook

Not too long after we moved into our house last fall, I went on the hunt for a pretty armchair and thought I scored a bargain with this find at $40 from Craigslist.  Then I saw it in person and wasn't so sure.  The finish is blotchy and the arms are at an improper height.  But still, it has that pretty cane back, so at that price, for an occasional chair, I decided I could live with the imperfections.

It had been my intent to make a cushion cover for the chair and after all these months, I set about that task his past weekend with an inexpensive oatmeal colored woven cotton fabric from Jo Ann's. 

I'm pleased with the outcome and will no doubt tackle another occasional armchair in the not too distant future to cover the grossly outdated green velvet cushion.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Diane...what a great-looking chair!

    And from your picture here, you can't even tell the finish is blotchy. A agree, the cane back is beautiful! Love the legs, too!

    And of course, your cushion is faaaaaaabulous! Oh, how I wish I could sew!

    Great Craigslist find, my friend!

    Hope you and C had a super weekend!



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