Sunday, September 26, 2010

Design notebook

Cristybella has a particular affinity for the seashore and treasures from the ocean.  Seaglass doesn't wash up along the beaches of the Texas gulf coast, but on her travels to other shores, she has been fortunate to find a few pieces.  She also expanded her collection through a highly strategic eBay acquisition.

While in Warrenton last Friday, we noticed plenty of yard sculpture.  One in particular was a little metal item resembling a leafless tree, just the branches.  I didn't even notice it amongst the millions of other products lined up as far as the eye could see.  But Cristy pointed out that if we hung seaglass from that little tree, it would be a pretty addition to our house.  I hadn't considered it before, but had to agree.

On the other hand, why not just use natural branches?

So we did.

And this is the result.  One final touch will be to add sand to the bottom of the vase, that crucial element, that when combined with a broken piece of glass, an endless ocean wave and abundant time will produce a beautifully rounded frosty droplet of sea glass.


  1. Just faaaaaaaabulous!

    I LOVE it!

    You two are so creative. I really like the touch of raffia around the middle of the vase and the place mat it's sitting on.

    You GO, girls!

    From what I've seen from the photos you've shared of your home. It looks like a place that's warm and inviting.


  2. Thank you Ron. I like this little creation a whole lot because it is so organic and unexpected. I borrowed that concept of wrapping the middle section of a vase from a colleague who had created a lovely garden flower bouquet and wrapped the center of the vase with ribbon to mimick a hand-tied posie. Works best with the hourglass shaped vases. Hope your weekend was spectacular!

  3. I always love sticks in a vase, just the other day I read someone say that they hated that. To each his own I guess. VERY Pretty!


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