Saturday, October 2, 2010

Banner love

After removing the wedding decorations from our house, I somehow neglected to remove the little white nails that had served to secure all those heart garlands.  They're still everywhere, but thankfully, being white, they are nearly invisible.

And also, thankfully, two of them came in handy last weekend when we had a small birthday celebration for my sister-in-law.  Cristybella purchased a colorful happy-birthday banner at Target, hung it and decorated it with streamers. 

I left it up to enjoy for another day or two while incubating an idea for a new banner for that particular spot.  A surprise welcome-home banner for my sweet Cristy.  She'd been out of town on business all week,  

And here it is, made from used/recycled birthday and greeting cards.  I envision many more banners in our future.  This was easy and sweet.


  1. Welcome home, Cristy!

    OMG Diane, you are soooo creative! Love the banner of LOVE. I enlarged the first photo to see it up close, and noticed that you used clothes pins to clip on the letters. How cool!!!!

    ((( Diane + Cristy )))



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