Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lingerie inspired slipcover

The fun never ends here at Beecham Circle (sort of like Beekman Place, isn't it?)  OK maybe not.


In another episode of diy home decorating, my previous success with the parlor chair slipcover propelled me toward another sewing adventure of that genre.  In the guest bedroom, the chair is more structured, but the feel is still relaxed and feminine. 

And after many hours of hand sewing, it looks like a keeper.


  1. ROCK, Diane!!!!!

    It's freakin' faaabulous! I swear, it looks like you bought it at some expensive store, like an accessory from Williams-Sonoma.

    Love the chair too. Also, your wrought iron headboard on the bed. Such a lovely bedroom. Warm, classy, clean, and feminine.

    I so enjoy these posts.

    Hope you and Cristy had a wonderful day!


  2. P.S. You're gonna die, but my word verification was chair - I swear!


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